that last point

third, the amount that browse, click and enter the customer search site, on page views, if customers are not interested in the content of the site, directly off the page, there is no effect, this requires us to the appearance of the site so beautiful and exquisite, the function of the website to be convenient and practical, website the contents do rich and attractive. How do the content can attract people? It is actually very simple, as long as we have for his useful information to the customer, will attract them to remember and repeatedly visit our website, what kind of information is most useful for our customers, I do not think what than our preferential policies more attractive the.

fourth, the consultation, this is a process of connecting, third well, fourth is certainly not bad, but the way to facilitate consultation, consultation to answer to the professional consultation into the volume, therefore I on the site every page left side is increased a floating window online consultation, this window is placed on my telephone sales consultant or , the company’s sales calls, and an online message function.

ADSENSE reports, PIN, detailed collection!

first to emphasize just registered friends, we must carefully read the ADSENSE plans and policies to ensure compliance with the provisions of the policy, plan, do not understand can send directly to the MAIL ADSENSE advisory group to the forum or question, honest honest do stand will enable you to obtain a stable income ADSENSE, don’t have any idea of cheating, because this will hurt yourself but also hurt other people. Please install the official ADSENSE – click Tools, so you can click ads in their debugging will not be counted as income, maintain the best way is to help the interests of publishers shlf1314 ADWORD on the maintenance of business interests.
from the beginning of the registered ADSENSE, you put on the page of the advertisement advertisement will have a period of time shows that, this short one or two days long 10 days, do not worry, that is, in your web page, ADSENS-E will launch targeted advertising, advertising, "in theory and technology let, ADSENSE is the strongest, he will put a very targeted advertising. As for the placement and optimization of advertising, the government has provided a lot of advantages and disadvantages, which need to be tried. Many methods are very good and will obviously increase your income. Advertising to the web page when people click on the ads will bring you income, no matter how much, after all, you’ve got a very good start, many people on the advertising price with this or that view, click rate and income is calculated according to the complexity of the algorithm, according to the station you matching advertising and display quantity are very different, the same amount of flow station will not have the same income, because the site has different forums, articles, downloads, we adjust the position optimization of color advertising in different sites of the effect is not the same, spoke of it is very complex. So we suggest that – according to their actual situation of site optimization, not competition, to achieve their best results can stand. After all, to improve their site level, increase content is the real way out.  

when we search for information in sh419 search, search results are presented in front of us various websites. Then how can our website use sh419 search for marketing? By studying the usage habits of sh419 users, website promotion can be divided into the following processes. 1., the site should have a show amount, 2. sites to click on 3., the site should have a browse amount of 4., the site to have Advisory volume, 5. site to volume.

this requires each department, every month or even a week, the models of prices and concessions collected and passed to me, and I will release them on the website for regular updates. In addition to these preferential policies is not enough, we will show our showroom photos, photo of the car, put the car photos of customers, company organization, enterprise culture, published on the website, a jenuine Zhongtian company on the site, so as to increase customer confidence in our website. In addition, we should also publish some promotional soft words from the manufacturers, such as radio advertising, video advertising and so on, to enhance the brand image.

is the first point, showing the amount of time the customer search information on the web site of our present times in the search results, such as the search for certain areas of car sales company, search for certain areas of Chery 4S shop, search for certain areas of Yi Weike, or are we search for a certain area of Chery A3, the Chinese H530 in certain areas, certain areas of Lexus so, will appear on our website, this is to show the amount of.

second points, click the amount, that is, users search and see our website, click and enter the site, and this is related to the search results ranking, the results in the forefront of the most attention.

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