a few days, I think many webmaster and I like depression, we do not have the Zuo Bi, a literary network, can make a pure art, what? Many members still in our province and the Provincial Writers Association and essayist Association members.

I got the most active Internet writer

I always support the national policy on the network, but also has always insisted on not let go of a bad standing on the Internet ", is not a good foreign aid" of the faith, I will believe that as long as we do, no matter what the search will not affect our.

due to dissatisfaction with the design of the network company, when I was ready to give up, an enthusiastic hometown friends readily gave me a station, function is not bad. I’ve also learned a lot about website making techniques. I really appreciate this friend and thanks to my readers.

when I sit in the United States military command center of the reception room, waiting for a project to make a simple statement of my group, I saw the wall saying unintentionally. "I am too weak to defend. So, I attack." The famous quote comes from Robert · E· Lee, a prominent leader of the northern Virginia army, is one of his explanations for the strategy that led him to win one of the many victories in the civil war. I savor the audacity of the phrase and begin to think about the difference between Lee and his main rival, the George · of the federal army, major general Mcclellan.

whenever Li Jiaofeng and Mcclellan are the eternal, that may be the worst result is the most likely outcome. He was obsessed with a pile of "if – so". What if Li’s strength is beyond me? What should I do if Li surrounds me from the side? What if Li Zaiwo is back and ready to attack Washington? What should I do if my troops panic and flee? What if Lincoln orders me to do something stupid? What should I do if the news media betrays me? "If – then" bothered Mcclellan, which led them to lose all the initiative they might have. In the battle of Antietam, he accidentally got real combat plan Lee, but he still slowly react very reluctant to use his reserve, and then completely lost his own absolute advantage. Mcclellan’s fear of making mistakes and his dislike of taking risks led to the cost of countless lives, and ultimately he was a failure.

first went to an Internet company and told them about their plans and ideas, but it didn’t always meet my requirements. It might be that they don’t know the features of literary networks and what writers and readers need,

after 2008, the hundreds of articles published on the network, has gathered around him a group of literary enthusiasts and readers, and so, with a cavity blood and love, calmly into the internet.

after two weeks, my station was Baidu included more than 1400 pages, I was very happy in the moment, in May 31st when I check included, but became zero, although Google included my station page more than 12700 indexed.webmasterhome.cn/? Domain=www.xsw6.com here but still feel great sweep of my faith, I do not why is this the case? Is the test of our Baidu or Baidu? What to do


I am a grassroots webmaster, no big thing, in addition to writing a little text, published some articles, there are a number of enthusiastic network of friends to help me. At first, the station was mainly interested, and after many months of editing in many large literary networks, Meng came up with a literary network suitable for himself and literature lovers. In fact, many things are easier said than done.

wish webmaster out of the confusion as soon as possible, and also hope to connect with you, cooperation, bigger and stronger! Anhui art network welcome you   www.xsw6.com/

finally, I hope like me just site webmaster, Baidu in the face of such a situation, do not give up not discouraged, go forward and forward again, victory will belong to us, who we love it??

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