fifth: recruit bad character employees

everyone wants to be the boss, but the boss’s position is not good at all. On the road of starting an undertaking, the entrepreneur has 10 hardships, just like 10 high mountains. Only by reading them can they succeed in business.


from the data, his start-up company runs very fast. Rice sauce sauce on May 11th this year, on-line, 2 hours sold 30 thousand bottles, on-line two months, sales of over ten million. In August this year, rice Ye 83 million yuan to complete the B round of financing, valuation reached 360 million yuan, investors including H Capital, Sichuan Taihe Group, Hefei Yan Zhuang Edible Oil Co. Ltd., Shanghai Qinghong Gu Yi Investment Management Center, Shanghai on the scene


sat down to interview, asked him if he was wearing a suit, but he shouted, "I don’t, too formal!" then he went to the locker room quickly for casual wear.


to remind and demonstration, Allen Lin has made a variety of expressions, a meditation, shine with happiness and laughter. Finally, a group of photos, he is back on the desk in Western dress and leather shoes, arms crossed in front of her, also deliberately put on a pair of circular frame plane mirror, is like a businessman. After taking pictures, he did not forget his narcissism and ridicule: "you’ve made such a handsome entrepreneur before?"

second: where is the road,

third: be questioned by investors

fourth: employees suck

hard to find the money and do things with brothers, products are hard grinding out, but the results may not get the public recognition, may be said to be a niche demand, even by the user’s program, for entrepreneurs, this is inevitable, which is a successful product to identify the user needs? The team continue to modify the products, continue to progress, one day will be successful

eighth: public opinion pressure

not only virtuous staff at best mediocre, but non talented German employees are absolutely the time bomb enterprise, team long efforts may just because a person of poor quality of employees betrayal as entrepreneurs, cast to waste, Huiyanshizhu is an essential skill.

as an entrepreneur, if you meet the clients for you? Said the best way is to put up with the truth, is difficult because of their strength is not enough, and their increasingly powerful, fair treatment will follow the.


said that after 70, 80, the courage to fight hard fight only after 90 entrepreneurs start empty-handed competition of family background, lack most is money, no money is hard enough to find good people, can not continue, as the first mountain of entrepreneurship.

suits can be changed. Business has become his life. Today, Allen Lin is also a businessman.

which entrepreneurs are not investors questioned? Not being questioned investors, close relatives and friends also often question the things you do before you succeed, can only endure the pain, maybe this is the only way which must be passed every entrepreneur

star cross-border business is not what happens, Quan Ren, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming jointly founded the StarVC foundation, Huang Xiaoming and his wife Angelababy holds its own investment office Minca capital and AB Capital, Zhao Wei because the investment in film and television, and even been labeled "Warren" label.

Abstract: from the data point of view, his start-up company runs very fast. Rice sauce sauce on May 11th this year, on-line, 2 hours sold 30 thousand bottles, on-line two months, sales of over ten million. August this year, rice ye B round of financing 83 million yuan, the valuation reached 360 million yuan.

seventh: customers make things difficult for

‘s influence in the business world is not as easy as building a career in the music world. From the shake to certainty, from the layman to sponge learning, this is a good sample of cross-border entrepreneurial star.

however, this step is a little big. At first, Allen Lin was not psychologically prepared or even confused about the identity of the business man. When he was called "Lin Dong, Lin Zong", he felt awkward and often said, "call me" according to the wheel".

entrepreneurship is a creation

sixth: products are not recognized by the market

No. 1: no money,

IT believes that the "road" ears should be determined in the money before, but if the road is very clear that anyone can go, sometimes it is because we do not understand, entrepreneurs in a daze insisted, after the success of a look back, oh, I had to catch up with what what the trend, so I succeeded.

different is, Allen Lin chose to start a business, he is fast consumer brand "rice Ye" founder. Before the start, he is a healthy sunshine on the stage to show people the image of the singer, he acted as his twenty years career summary — no scandal, has more than 100 songs out of ten on the album, a dozen times the Spring Festival gala. In addition, he also plays stage, musical, film, television, as host, in 2007, he starred in a musical show in the United States Broadway for a month.

most entrepreneurs feel unnatural when they’re in front of the camera, but Allen Lin won’t.

?In fact,

God is not afraid of the same opponent, afraid of pigs as teammates, some employees suck even, it may also drag back the team, if an employee is always to work, a negative attitude as the founder, please dismiss him, this passionate entrepreneurial business can be negative, what he can do

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