ashamed, really ashamed, I have been on the Internet for 4 years. For 4 years, time and energy have been wasted on the internet. IP was also happy for 20 IP, no time to a lot, but I never discouraged. Use 3/4 of your time every day to stand, maintain, and promote. I haven’t made big money in 4 years or even made a small profit. You can earn most of the money back in the domain name space. Family and friends seldom have time to go with them. I believe many webmaster like me.

said, "from the bottom of his heart.".

, a famous investor who has made a fortune with this theory, began to layout the Chinese enterprise service market a few years ago and returned handsomely. "The United States business class service market, a number of revenue of billions of dollars of giant, China sooner or later a day will be."."

"The biggest mistake in his life was the Alibaba," Mr.

has been regarded by many as a challenger, and certainly not. But in the past few years, unlimited scenery of the industry tuyere, it has been difficult to produce the big mac. sh419 will be the NetEase beyond, millet valuation has shrunk dramatically, the new big difficult, while 360, almost invisible.

and the advantages of the Chinese market is that the highly efficient mobile Internet era, given the advantages of enterprise service products and cornering overtaking opportunities. Especially in the two new concepts of SAAS and PAAS enterprise services, BAT is a mature software users, efficiency of life had the skilled use of a variety of cloud platform, and has the good habit of paying a popular WeChat article reward a few.

actually, I’m using a simple Marx movie program to use it for the sake of saving time. Login background, click Update data, IU can be updated automatically. Unexpectedly, sh419 also included. Suggest no time management site friends can go >

this big brother, leisurely place a cigar, say the true words: "the world’s top 500 list of single Chinese enterprises more and more, for enterprise service, make enterprise money" era "."."

is 22 years old this year. He has nothing but his own, no friends, no money, no cars, no rooms……. I’ve been looking for something new and I can’t find my head. I know the myth that Internet flourishes is not going to happen to me. So I’m going to give up the Internet and go into other businesses. Several sites on their own to find a few relatively simple procedures, put on. Update one or two times a week. Not more than 20 minutes each time. No matter what he included pr.

a very quiet night I returned home rental as usual, open the computer to see the novel, hang general stealth on-line on the line after the stop flash open to see the 6 system messages XXX add you as a friend followed by the message sent several people. At that time, I remember clearly that 5 of them wanted to buy the connection on my website, and I didn’t care if they wanted to make a friendship link. I replied to them and helped them. One of his responses surprised me. "Help me with 3 links. 8 yuan a month." I’m a little surprised. What’s the link? Why do you want to give me the money?. So I talked with him up to know the link can also be sold for money. As it was very late, I made a good link to him and confirmed that I paid him 886.

stands and earns money,

statistics, there are about 2700 enterprises in Europe and America, developed the $350 billion market capitalization of enterprise service market; and China currently has 2200 enterprises, even a $1 billion level of the unicorns are not.

and the demographic dividend disappeared as well as rising labor costs, so that enterprises pay more attention to the pursuit of efficiency, the use of the system to enhance the efficiency of enterprises, the most direct impact is to create huge potential demand trillion enterprise service market. Industry believes that China’s enterprise class service market will be completely burst and ignited.

2016 the agency awards on Enterprise Service Awards awarded more than 300 large and small, from big data, human resources to cloud services such as the best barrage at the market when general, investors and industry one step ahead of good, that the explosive growth of the air outlet is coming.

According to

true investment logic, indeed. In 2016, the Chinese investment market favored the service products at the enterprise level and became an emerging outlet for venture capital. And the most sensitive sense of the industry, has long been the major awards awarded to the enterprise service market.

I’ve searched sh419 for links, and there are thousands of related information on sh419. I know about the detailed process of buying and selling links. Check my station collection and PR value right away. Read the data is even more surprising, sh419 included 7000 articles for the general station has been very good, home update time is yesterday. Pr=3. Up in the morning and go to see, also included yesterday that is updated every day, no wonder they find me to buy links. So I saw sh419 AD5 is a good place to link transactions, went in to register. In the link transaction, a few messages were published briefly. Over the next few days, I sold more than 100 links on AD5 and earned more than $1000. I think the cost of the website is back. So I sold the station. Or on the AD5 released the sale of information, 20 days later, someone came out, satisfied with the price, bought the station. Finally, the rest of my love is not sold. The others are all sold.

because there are at least one million Chinese people thinking every day: "how is money better than ma?".

? Daniel quietly opened stocks, see NASDAQ and NYSE, you want to find a group of emerging companies. In China do not have, and quickly copy plagiarism model; in China, and quickly took a check stake.

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