first, this site is updated regularly to benefit PR update the quality of content. The author is responsible for the 5 stations, 3 enterprise website because of the keyword of more intense competition, the author insists on the update frequency fixed, the sites add high quality original content, after Google PR this update, found 3 frequently updated site is obvious, PR has a different degree of improvement, some from 0 to 1, some rose from 1 to 3, while the other two sites almost once a month, so I was PR have a slight decline, one of the PR 3 website currently directly reduce the weight to 0, this update the profound understanding of the true meaning of Efficiency comes from diligence.. The shortage in the play, through the Google PR update for here I emphasize, if you want to get the approval of Google believes that the current must be the quality of the original content as the core, although Google launched Chinese Market However, Google in the station for the quality requirements are also gradually upgrade, the Google PR updates the original quality content for Google search engine value is really deep.

third, the high quality of soft is helpful for improving pr. I was very fond of writing, Adsense nets.

as everyone knows, Google PR a small range of update on Friday, Saturday is the scope of the day of December the 7th update, the author is responsible for the five companies and 2 individual station by station last week to update the PR’s performance and their usual maintenance site experience, the author analysis and we present promotion website Google PR what are the main reference for us, good gossip short continued, let’s enter the theme of today.

second, Links to influence cornerstone website weight and PR value. This is actually in the Google PR’s influence is obvious to people, remember before 2010 to 11 years, a lot of friends exchange links with PR as the standard, because a lot of statistical tools no love sea weight that said, this is why some understanding of Google PR update cycle of friends, in a few weeks ahead of time for the reason Links exchange website wantonly, now I want to say is high quality good correlation Links promotion effect on PR website is very obvious, before the author of a corporate website is PR 3, because the industry is more than a lot of the exchange connection is irrelevant, when this update is directly reduced to 2, a class Links portal website is relatively easy to exchange, then this update from the PR before 1 rise directly to 3, by comparing the two site performance The author thinks, the relationship between the quality of high Links for promotion website PR has a very big role in promoting, here I recommend is to try to exchange some of the industry website, if their website industry is more and more and more loopholes, some frequently updated site link exchange, because PR is a vote only, the more good quality of high-quality sites give you a connection, may influence for their website PR is huge.

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