: search engines do not fill in the user information and the registration number and password, will not be able to break through and read the front page login information.


is a web search engine to determine the basic basis, if the webmaster can avoid these, then love will Everfount Shanghai spider crawling to your site.

reason: with a question mark, sign parameters of dynamic URL generated is not conducive to the search engine to read, and bring some problems to the railway station by

This paper by Feng Zhiyong

4. do not use dynamic URL, should use static or pseudo static URL

6.URL should be as short as possible, the more clearly the better


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hierarchical directory

a lot of grassroots webmaster how to build websites, but for how to optimize the site, let site in line with the search engine, it also further study, so today let Feng Zhiyong take you to the website analysis from the perspective of a search engine, look at the 6 basic problems encountered and the search engines index ranking:

2. do not use a variety of URL (in addition to the 301 station to jump outside)

5. cancel login to the home show information

3. sites do not use the framework of

: the URL is shorter for users to spread and copy, also makes the search engine better included; hierarchical directory more clearly more conducive to search engine perceived consistency, is more conducive to search engines and read.

: in addition to the 301 station to jump outside, other URL will only make the search engine feel disgusted, which directly considered cheating.

1. web page to prohibit the use of Flash files and Flash animation

framework and Flash, the search engine also cannot be read, so as not to be included.

reason: Although Flash will enhance the visual impact of the site, but all of this is only limited to the user see, our search engine can not see, can not lead to Flash cable on text information, it can not be determined and included.

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