is that 99.99% of entrepreneurial stories are not the case at all.




from the view of history, is a China from thousands of years of feudal slavery national development evolved, that is to say, for thousands of years, we are living in a "kneeling" state, that the power of the "name" on the vanity of the deep accumulation of long-standing worship. Even the evolution to now, we still use every opportunity to win a "name" "face" "reputation", such as speech. To show off his cleverness, for example, at all costs to the civil service exam and so on.

The most often make ?

in fact, the success of these so-called "successful" entrepreneurial teams is not always their first product. Everyone loves to talk about how popular angry birds are, and over 1 billion downloads around the world. But few people are willing to understand is that the angry bird is already Rovio in sixty products. Prior to that, Rovio had been in business for 6 years, and spent thousands of people in troubled northern europe.

like this story, I can also cite a few dozen, because every successful Network Inc, there are behind this unknown past. Of course, this time is different, for some one or two years, some of the people for six years, eight years, but you can hardly find any new team, on the first day of product launch, there is panic buying.


if you are a corporate shareholder like, you have no idea for you with a special office? Somehow you are the boss in the company, you can not drop price, right? So, supporting office equipment also have to do this, don’t let your identity and how consistent are? Other companies make a small administrative document what my sister ran to our office on several singles several shareholders, it is a little thing, you have to recruit a little sister to do administrative compulsion? Even if the company is not a lack of people

was a good example of Pinterest, a that was considered a potential "" to challenge the supremacy of the Facebook in February. They began to rise from the end of last year, just a few months on the world’s 50 largest website ranking position, so the venture capital are rushing to give their money". But when we talked about this "red burst" story, in fact, few people noticed the Pinterest team from early 2009 to start a business, 9 months before the Pinterest website just on the line, the number of members 10 thousand are unable to break even. To break through, Ben Silbermann, the founder, wrote letters to the users every day, asking them to have coffee and see what was wrong with the site.

says entrepreneurship. No matter how many people, no matter how much, is also a team, a company, an organization, since it is the organization, it will involve "name", "face" these things. Honestly, if you just got a company, you have a kind of want to engage in the office very beautiful impulse? Did not want to rent a high-grade office idea? Of course, we can endure crowded in the basement with a few people to office, but a friend what a look: office space is so poor, what companies like? You keep others contempt in the eyes of

The problem with

was very red, and more than 35 million people were playing "Draw Something", another example. This App is actually the more than 30 game of OMGPOP, and before that, OMGPOP had existed for 6 years. In fact, they also admit that before Draw Something explosion of red OMGPOP, just a little bit so that we should put up the shutters go home. Of course, now they have successfully sold to Zynga for $200 million, and it’s easy to forget how painful they are for 6 years before they have today’s results.

startup mistakes, is that everyone in the world would want to get the product he is, like the huge crowds of people already crowded in the outside waiting in line, as long as he put this cover, open the door, you can see the guests start into madness, the White Bill spilled down from the sky a lot.

in imagination, a lot of people think entrepreneurship is a few people together, the resources, the output power, money money, together for a common goal of such a thing; here, some people may laugh, you said like bandits, at all not a team. To be honest, as a fool with a strong entrepreneurial experience, it’s natural to know the difference between a team and a gang of bandits. We’re talking about teams here. Some people may say, entrepreneurship, is not the money thing? Have money, what are easy to handle, no money, nothing to do; but the fool said that entrepreneurship is not a question of money, have money, the project may die faster, faster to disband the team. Why is that,

one, can you resist the "vanity"?

is the most important thing is, you will frequently in front of friends to show you that the business didn’t think of myself as a company? What boasting a kick in front of others in Haikou, the company’s disclosure policy management mechanism is what the thing; or all day so strategic analysis of the strategy. The comments, is not willing to do, or do the market survey; all day old said such as pretending to pressure, a few months do not know what is the company’s main business, the company is not a specific thing, but every day love >

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