story above is because I want to talk today about half of the more similar to the above. We all know that a lot of grass when entered in just access to the Internet is basically a hot head came in, basically what all don’t understand. While many of the old owners became almost universal, is in the process of continuous exploration learning. So, one of the biggest characteristic, is the webmaster for application, or so only to learn, such as the Shanghai dragon, because I want to make a site with more traffic to learn how to do the Shanghai dragon. But at the same time, there is a big problem, is the most webmasters in the learning time is just in order to solve this problem is to learn, only know to achieve their effect on the line, and not to their own research and analysis principle. And there are a lot of people worship master on the Internet, regardless of technology or operation, including Shanghai Dragon technology too, and everyone on their point of view. It’s like the Copernicus era, perhaps like Copernicus have suspected geocentric theory, but because the authority of the church, he discovered a problem but thought he xueyibujing and give further research. We know that the world is changing, maybe something right now is not correct, with the dialectics of flowers is "impossible for two times to the same river".


in the practice of Shanghai dragon, we are often convinced of the classic techniques of law, even the search engine algorithm is so adjusted. For example, there is a very famous master is ZAC in Shanghai Longfeng field, I also admire him, he is very love writing style, very real. There is no doubt that many webmaster is his fans, can be said to his books.

search engine optimization technology this term I don’t think we need to explain the concept, if now who else was there to speak Shanghai dragon, that will make you laugh; not only is the concept, I believe that Shanghai Dragon Technology for the site of the importance we all know, especially for our grassroots website. I worked as a part-time Internet enthusiasts, but also an access to the Internet for several years, I have experienced many, at least in some sense in the Internet is understanding. Because I was a part-time personal webmaster, so whether it is technology or content and the Shanghai Phoenix is a person to do so, there is a deeper understanding.

to share my experience and I tell you a little story, we have heard about the story of Copernicus. In the middle ages, people thought was geocentric fetters, and the church in order to maintain its ruling position, also try to maintain the ideological weapon. So it seems nobody beyond the bottom line, and Copernicus through their own research on the geocentric questioned after the publication of the heliocentric theory, although the heliocentric theory is not correct, but at least one of the universe known progress, and he paid the price of life. But a heavy blow to the theological theory, greatly promoting the progress of human civilization.

I tell

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