two directory to open up a new plate or the advantages and disadvantages of the new channel. The two level is the form of directory, such as the www.*****贵族宝贝/bbs, the opening of the two level directory is two level domain name is a simple procedure, it is not a new name, directly create a new folder in the root directory of the host website can achieve access. Open a new plate or a new channel in this form has the advantage of weight, it can be directly integrated because of the domain name after all, even if the content is > two directory

first to use two level domain name in the form of new plate or channel advantages and disadvantages. In fact, the concept of two level domain and a domain name is sometimes very vague, such as some of the web page is bbs.*****贵族宝贝, then we can say that bbs.*****贵族宝贝 is a domain name, but the fact that the domain name should be prefixed with BBS two domain. That is to say, master most of the site is www.*****贵族宝贝, can be regarded as the WWW prefix two level domain name. So, we can draw a conclusion, that is the so-called two level domain name may just be a relative concept, the search engine is unable to determine the site to which the end is opened as the main domain name domain name prefix, so it must give two domain names to these relatively relatively equal weight. So, open up a new channel or a new plate to form two level domain name, the two level domain name in the beginning there was higher than the two level directory treatment. That is to say, the search engine might even see the domain name as the main domain relative to treat, then it will do in Shanghai dragon has own specific advantages. However, the two level domain is equivalent to a new domain, especially for the analysis to a new IP address on the two level domain name, to search engine, the basic equivalent of a domain name, the new site, in this case, even if the weight of the domain name is inherited the master of the domain name is high, it is very difficult to inherited. However, usually weight high master will have links the two level domain name, or transfer some weight, but the weight is not passed to the two level domain name innate weight, but received the equivalent weight of a high weight home page links.

Then we use

many sites when opening new plate or a new channel, will be tangled in a problem, that is the new channel plate or what is the two domain names show the form of good or to the two level directory form more appropriate. Of course, factors decide which way to use depends on many aspects, such as brand effect, content correlation factors and so on. For many small and medium-sized sites, because the search engine optimization for the site to bring the importance of traffic and visibility, so small and medium-sized site owners in the development of new plate and channel, we must consider carefully two domain names and two directories for new content search ranking advantages. In this paper the author is to talk about their own understanding.

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