4, love Shanghai love the top-level domain name in the title page keyword ranking, and no matter how much is Alexa, have quite the rankings. (the requirement is of course a top-level domain, and it is the home page file, super popular keywords except.

on your website impression rating in the first part, love Shanghai like grab a content page, of course, the importance of title is self-evident. We add >

from the content preferences on Shanghai love games, music, entertainment, leisure life; love Shanghai as a young man; if love Shanghai love mop贵族宝贝, Tianya etc..

3, Shanghai love to love the title keyword list, title keyword list contains the page ranking.

from the top:

1, love Shanghai love included static key word named directory or file html. Of course the very front rank.

2, love Shanghai love included single keyword "title, and the very front rank.


5, love Shanghai love automatically included in your website from other websites, such as I love Shanghai in the space contains its own website published the inside address, then Shanghai will be automatically included in the love. And the faster, but here we should pay attention to a little love, Shanghai space must not be hair, if you love Shanghai manual review found that the station will be artificial drop right perdition


A5 has many webmaster have doubts on this issue, I have some experience of my own summary of the focus from the hope can help to you, we need to understand that although SOSO is currently pushing the very fire, but QQ is not the engine was born, but also for the traffic control is dead, so the flow of SOSO most of their retention we, that is the main professional "Genzheng Miao red" engine: love Shanghai and Google. "Content is king, the chain for emperor" love Shanghai focus on the "King", while GG is the emphasis on the "emperor". From this also see, why love Shanghai will take Chinese market, while GG in China only at the door! This is why Chinese people are so love love Shanghai!

many owners because of the different types of Web sites, the need for specialized optimization of different engines, but many do not speak Shanghai dragon tutorial engine in the end what is the difference, for many webmaster a world engine technology concept everyone, almost everyone, in fact, this is completely different.

6, love Shanghai is paying more attention to the user experience of the website, which is what we call the site to keep updated, keep the original, if a website return rate is done if users stay for a long time, more content words of love Shanghai ranking will certainly be better

the love of Shanghai and Google what is essentially different?

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