2. takes part in activities as early as possible to boost promotion revenue.

, the beauty told her, "this project sounds like a pyramid scheme, but my brother has to listen to her.". The name of the project is called the five order three. Popular around the world, the model has won the Nobel prize HA HA, and now Amway is using this capital incubator model.

The following is the quoted content:

wins the prize small Cheats:

during this period, different members can have different dividends. And the final out, their earnings can be about to get 10 million 400 thousand yuan.


1, events registration time: September 13th to September 30th

, founder of Fu Niu Tong

‘s brother, A, contacted brother. He ran a good project in Ji’nan and made a lot of money. Brother asked what the project is, A Jun speech is very mysterious, said to know.

, A asked his brother Jun, said the project is not very exciting, but want to look at the "organization" can also have what strokes. A Jun confidently tell elder brother, today brother see only mode, but don’t know what people are doing, let elder brother and review two days.

September 13th -9 30, the new promotion integrated channel users, as long as the transaction will send cash 10 yuan

that day, at dinner, Mr. A called everyone in his group to cook together. At this time, only to find a few old friends are in the know, everyone cooking, playing cards, chatting, unconsciously brother forgot, this is in a pyramid scheme organization.

model is: to 3300 yuan as a unit, a share, each time to buy 21 shares, or 69300 yuan, to pay 500 yuan management fee, you can join the organization become a star member. Each member can develop three offline, offline also pay 69300 yuan. When developing over three line, will be upgraded to become star members, each of the same three referrals to develop three members, when the three line are full, before the two members will become Samsung membership upgrade. And so on, until this small system developed to about 800 people, the top five members can be out, take money, cash withdrawals.

promotion: Taobao customers only get integrated channel code from our Taobao alliance platform in proper form. Anyone who buys your integrated channel merchandise through your promotion text chain, web site, blog, or community, etc. and completes the transaction. You can get multiple awards and high commissions.

September 13th has been to promote integrated channel users, as long as the transaction will send cash 5 yuan

double Awards: by our bar, according to Alipay turnover reward activities after the cash payment to Alipay:

one big prize: successful promotion has high commission, everyone is polite,

specific activities detailed rules

The specific form of

is about beauty, also saw the elder brother’s joking, so quickly got up to leave. Not long, and has an uncle, a teenage boy, an aunt and brother came to chat.

arrived in Ji’nan, and Mr. A took his brother to a community in Ji’nan. Not long after, A took a graceful figure of women came to brother on the project.

brother squinted at the beauty in front of brother with beautiful enough to feast the eyes, heart thought this project is far less attractive in front of roaring waves.

the author of this article is

announcement page: club.alimama/read.php, tid=680819& page=1& toread=1


new promotion integrated channel users have 7 consecutive days of turnover, 7 days turnover of more than 200 yuan, and then bonus cash 100 yuan,

2, activities: as long as the successful promotion of integrated channels during the event, you can get a double prize:

1, landing Ali mom, in Taobao guest platform taoke.alimama/, select channel promotion – integrated channel, in the integrated channel, select the immediate promotion, copy the code can


4. through pictures, text chain and other ways to promote Taobao guest integrated channel. The channel has assembled Taobao’s most powerful category, featured high commissions, high conversions, best sellers and commodities, and is the most popular buyer of Taobao. The channel supports the simplest URL code.

awards setting:

3. be sure to sign up as requested. Replies registration information is activity appraisal basis, earnestly fills in the registration information.

A friend of

has had an experience with a MLM organization.

1., multi-channel, a variety of ways to promote integrated channels.

double Awards: by our great commission bonuses back home

second days, A began to bring his brother in the district

one big prize: promotion of integrated channels, earn lucrative Commission

elder brother listens to, happy, didn’t he meet the legendary pyramid selling? So, elder brother happily bought to Ji’nan of motor car ticket. Because, curious, how does a pyramid selling organization brainwash people?.

new and old customers washed off, double gold back home

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