have something in my home yesterday morning, a temporary holiday, I got to the office, be startled at afternoon, and I usually focus website news section responsible for not updating. I know that this is because they are afraid to get scolded by me not good results, a lot of people because of non-standard work I have been scolded. Therefore, It’s better to save trouble. Besides, everyone with luck, one day does not update, the site does not immediately collapsed.

is afraid of being scolded, so don’t do the work, but if you do not work, how to improve? If no one beat you, how long memory — of course, this is not the reason for the curse. But I tell you how many times, if I called the wrong please point it out, I changed; if I did not scold the wrong, but the motivation is good for you, not to vent their negative feelings, show off their head of Shanghai Longfeng limited power, then you can only give me a bad temper.

is the site less on the one or two articles, the Internet late morning, the site won’t be broken, but your occupation spirit but not with the passage of time and progress, it is far better than the site for your loss.

in fact, there are not any occupation hunfanchi occupation, if you hold a living attitude, then in 20 years you are a living level. Today is a social contract, we still say "rights", the rights is the basis of contract. I hope that from today in the work is to develop their own kind of spirit of contract: the whole company, the whole team is my thing, dare to be responsible, the courage to take responsibility, push the work don’t expect.

I have been to you that you are young, you have to do now is to study technology, improve the level of their Shanghai dragon, accumulate experience, do you think I asked you to regulate the operation of a day I’m not tired? We think that one day I always ask you one some basic skills of the basic theory of Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng problem knowledge and I eat more support? No, I is for your future, for the sake of the development of the company.

some of you know that the company asked me to give you the night training >

"sword" author Dou Liang’s novel "romantic color" in one scene, Zhong Yuemin gave the commandos before the war mobilization, said: "once wore this uniform is a soldier, we set up a contract with the state, all countries support you, so you need to serve the life blood the state", his conclusion is "the military is not a living world can live in the occupation, occupation and more, but not a soldier".

, of course, only the courage to be responsible for the spirit is not enough, but also must have certain professional skills, I know you for the current salary levels are not satisfied, but I have a friend that he would like to pay for the staff said: "do you think your work no one instead?" the staff said: "not!" he replied: "yes, this is what I now do not give you a raise reason."

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