domain is a prerequisite for enterprise network promotion, domain name for users is an image of the show. When choosing a domain name, we have to consider the domain name and the name of the enterprise, the enterprise characteristic, the unity of enterprise products. A good domain name, a simple domain name, the user is more easy to remember, setting a good image for the company.

enterprise website construction is not difficult, it is difficult to realize what the website function, the website can bring what? According to the different industry website, enterprise website positioning of different products and services need to be measured, after the relevant section, the focus of the search keywords organized together, presented to the user through the design page. Prominent features of website, in order to achieve the preliminary impression of an enterprise. According to their products, sales targets, clear their website is information service, sales, sales and service type or is integrated, the purpose is to sell products, corporate information, product name, contact information and other highlights can be displayed.

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3, enterprise website construction to

enterprise website is just a simple website not only, should have the network marketing purpose, which played an important role in the promotion. The enterprise website promotion space, the major search engines, large enterprise site collection sites, such as hc360贵族宝贝, Alibaba. Search engines and e-business websites, for enterprises to establish a good platform, can effectively promote enterprise products. Many enterprises in the construction enterprise, provides online customer service function, can enhance relations with customers effectively, can better understand the needs of customers, improve the efficiency of enterprises, so the enterprise website promotion function, to create a foundation.

is a stable server space plays a big role on the website, the server stability is one of the factors influencing the website. When the enterprise website construction site, do not understand their own needs of the site, resulting in web access, speed, IIS number of links is not enough, some programs do not support website space. Select the server, to determine the target user, what is the general area, and the best choice for two space, the country can not cheap map. There are a lot of space for you to choose, civilink, Western Digital and so on good business space, the space to ensure the safe operation of the site quickly.

nowadays, enterprise website construction is a weapon, open the small and medium-sized enterprise product publicity, corporate image has been fully upgraded. The enterprise website also has its own space in the Internet field, more conducive to the promotion of the company’s products, the enterprise through the website timely delivery of their products and services, and receive the feedback information of users. Huairou Shanghai dragon introduced several factors in the process of enterprise website construction.

source: Huairou Shanghai dragon, 贵族宝贝>

1, enterprise domain name

4, enterprise website promotion


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