remember, even if some other company’s products, you must spend in mind in the product description.

because the producers know their products, so it is very attractive.


4, using automatic description generator (text generator)

does not need to delete.

large-scale original product description (especially the series of products are you constantly updated) very time-consuming, but over time, you will reap the full return of the Shanghai dragon.

keyword density is an outdated concept, not so important, it is not so ideal. As long as the use of effective keywords in the content (if you not sure, try to read aloud) do not have to worry about the problem of density. Semantic search is very real, within a short time and will not be eliminated out of date.

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information team

here is an example of Amazon, teach you how to do. This is a black Friday Amazon URL (https://s.amazon贵族宝贝/Black-Friday/), a short period of time to obtain the authority. Black Friday selling season when Amazon will update the web page.

yuan Shuai Wenning1, the use of 6,

3, while "keyword density"

fight a lone battle

takes every detail into the market of the Shanghai dragon team, let it become a habit rather than a burden.


at the same time, other transactions are also displayed for consumer choice.

2, as long as the selling period is over, then delete the seasonal "

this is the electronic commerce website of Shanghai dragon optimization often mistake.

, however, do you not only face the risk of duplicating the contents of punishment, at the same time you lost authority.

but in the long run, you will soon find that the user participation rate decreased, it also decreased the organic search rankings.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization needs different people together cooperation will be successful.

and your development team, UX team and other experts (such as paid search and social cooperation).


year seasonal "play a role in a very short time, so the behoove seems to be deleted. However, if you do so, every year you must be used to obtain the necessary authority to exhaust all the skills to rank, it will be too late.

in the short term, automatic description generator (text generator) can greatly save time.

manufacturers on the web products

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