avoid "* * real estate network" keywords accumulation

real estate website on the layout of the keywords is prone to accumulation of a large number of keywords accumulation phenomenon will surely lead to be punished, in order to avoid the repetition of key words, can be divided into words, "* * real estate network" can be divided into: "the real estate network," * * * * "real estate transaction net", "* * real estate the information network, not only can make the website keyword segmentation can have more keywords to get ranked, but also can reduce the repetition rate of the main key words. Real estate portal is more to the page to get rankings, so for the link anchor text keywords, not all links to the home page, the corresponding keywords can be linked to the corresponding page, reduce home page weight loss, weight increase in the page.

Page Title Principle: real name – level two page title – Web page title;

for real estate website property page is the core and the website more user attention is the real estate information, real estate pages are included more effective traffic conversion can bring about more, improve the collection property page, based on the author’s practice to give you a few suggestions:

sidebar navigation sidebar navigation: real estate information pages, you can add the surrounding real estate "," the latest real estate information "," the related real estate evaluation ", the design can improve the navigation.


optimization projects page

for sale page crumbs navigation settings: Home – market Daquan – Region – real name;


content page content optimization: the content should be detailed, real estate, real estate apartment layout diagrams of the surrounding real estate information, customer reviews and customer message system;

recently many real estate website webmaster complain that the site is down right, the website can not get more traffic from search engines, the real estate website in the end how to improve the optimization, to obtain more users, through the practice of real estate website, in order to improve the real estate network traffic and weight, it is not a particularly difficult what, in the station optimization can be divided into the following steps.

real estate net profit is the main source of advertising, many sites will be at the top of the page length of hanging advertising, advertising effect is to think of publicity, advertising links for such sites do not need to transfer the weight, for the website advertising section can use the NF tag shield, or use the iframe frame structure construction. The website home page will call all the two channel content, anchor text for the "more" button navigation, can also add NF to it, to avoid too many "more" Keywords tag web page weight, but this kind of label is to improve the user experience, plus the nofollow label link spider is not transmit weight instead, capture, so webmaster don’t worry list pages will not be grab included.

Reasonable use of nofollow label

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