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actually introduced above is not the most despicable, somehow somebody else is dark, there is a webmaster is directly out to lie to you, this is no reason to delete your friend chain, second days did you exchange friend chain, he will be arbitrarily canceled with your link, then to create an illusion of spiders, let him think this is a one-way link, so as to give the site a higher weight, but it also means that all easy to recognize, as long as you every day to check the chain OK.

spider is not cold on the JS code, not to identify which contains the text of the script, but it’s awful is the JS code can be made into a hyperlink, this will give some people an opportunity to have an ulterior motive, so as not to be identified by their links to exchange with others, not only their own weight without any loss. At the same time, the website can bring profits, more important.

this is a recent feeling, because now the Internet is jumbly, many owners do not hesitate to take some dirty means to deceive others for their own interests, the purpose is to give your own web site development to add oil stiffening, shortly before I cheated a webmaster, thought and other exchange friends the chain, who know each other I put out nofollow, equivalent to obtaining a one-way link, this sneaky heinous, so today I and you say I know the friends of the chain to prevent deception, we again deceived.

using Javascript to call

no reason to delete Links

this is one of the most frequently mentioned deception, understand the point code of the webmaster friends all know, add the nofollow attribute in the chain, the purpose is to tell the spider this link are not included in the page and the corresponding content, weight and integrate their own website, do not let the loss, in this case, there is no good webmaster tools to identify, the only way is to look at each other web site source code you regularly, search your domain name, check whether there is nofollow link tag.

this approach, the effects of our relatively small, as the name says, this kind of deception is batch and other sites (weight below their website) to exchange Links, even if such weight share copies of many, many new Adsense exchange links and also hope this the website, but often appear at this time, after the end of each other and their exchange links, will be in a day after the withdraw away, for the other side effect is small, but for us when it is done on a toil, in fact, to tell the truth, rather than on their weight as "mistress", as well as the same level of the original website "".

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