three: the replacement of domain name;

to replace the domain name with the above said link to change similar practices are the same, the reason is because the replacement out alone, spent a long time domain name, also need to pay attention to the problem, also is to use revision tools, submit revision rules, fill in the revision of the domain name, the domain name change is not the same place to do the station 301, there is the old domain name to ensure that at least able to access to more than three months, in order to ensure the completion of revision, submitted after we can see progress, if too many links, processing time is longer, until the modified version after the completion of that old.

sometimes involves all directories throughout the site, sometimes a single column, link structure changes, often because of the use of pseudo static or static, there is replacing the source program after the directory structure is different, but the content did not change, we will use the revision tools Webmaster Platform love Shanghai this time, the first revision the original content, and permanent redirect (301) to the revised content, then submit revised rules here, wait until the love Shanghai finished processing on the OK, it is best to change the uniform rules, submit such simple rules. Generally a week or so, not too much influence, but to ensure access when the old directory can jump into the new

this revision can be said to be a small change, if the site itself included is good, after crawling higher frequency, changes in next time love Shanghai update, you can show up, this change will not spend too much time to recover, after revision, try to update the relevant content and the chain love, let Shanghai faster updates included.


we usually said the revision, contains several aspects of change, are not necessarily take the same approach, a lot of the time we run the website for a period of time, that is not very satisfied, or want to change a direction for a domain name, even the overall change, these are in the revision of the category. We do not support the frequent changes in the establishment of the website at the beginning to consider comprehensive, accurate positioning, but also to avoid the late revision, when have changed, our principle is that the revision to early, less revision, revision to

The ! ;Change the directory structure of

website is the webmaster often face the problem of the problem is the biggest impact on the site, if not doing a good job may come to naught, take corresponding measures, can also reduce losses. Website, we face is nothing more than a search engine and users, search engine is the basic love Shanghai, love is to let the Shanghai reduce the revision of the punishment, the user is relatively good solution, key is to make love Shanghai regain weight on the website.

two: website directory structure, link structure changes, the replacement of Chen source program, itself does not change the content of


: site title, keywords, description of changes;

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