first_img 10SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Steve Swanston Steve Swanston is EVP of Sales for Velocity Solutions. He is responsible for defining the firm’s sales strategy in order to maximize growth and market share, as well as … Web: Details In today’s highly competitive environment, credit unions cannot rely solely on growing new account openings to stay ahead of the competition. The truth is, community institutions are extremely adept at retaining members once they come in the door. In fact, the majority of account closures result from elements beyond the institution’s control (such as job loss, relocation, etc.). Credit unions must, instead, look for ways to increase existing share draft transactions, primarily through driving debit card activity, which can make up for flat or even negative account growth. The key to doing so is to consistently monitor and measure critical account data points and then modify your procedures accordingly, especially at account opening.Data Point #1: Debit Card Take RateGetting your credit union’s debit card into the hands of your members at account opening may be one of the most important activities that happens at the new account desk. Do you know the value—the additional dollars added to your revenue—that linking an active debit card represents? (Read on for the answer!)The most recent Federal Reserve Payments Study shows that non-prepaid debit card transactions (those debit card payments generally associated with share draft accounts at credit unions) grew by 12.4 billion from 2012 to 2015, driving almost all of the growth of the larger debit card category. (The Federal Reserve Payments Study 2016.)  Further, the TSYS 2016 U.S. Consumer Payment Study revealed that debit is the preferred payment type for everyday spend transactions, such as supermarket/grocery, gas station and discount store purchases, as well as for bill payments. In fact, the average debit card user swipes a debit card 86 times more per year now than in 2009!Overwhelmingly, consumers have decided they prefer to transact their daily purchases with a debit card, so credit unions need to embrace this fact and ensure they provide their debit cards to members for greater service and income. The Value of the Take RateAccording to Velocity Solutions client data, high-performing credit unions must maintain a debit card “take rate” of approximately 85% (or higher, if you do not factor in multiple secondary accounts that may be linked to the main share draft account). At this take rate, use of the debit card makes a significant impact on the number of transactions and the bottom line. As an example, one of the company’s high-performing clients found that standard accounts that have a debit card associated with them are worth $138 more per year in overdraft and interchange fees to the institution than accounts that have no linked debit card. For premier accounts, the difference is even more impressive at $173. Do you know your debit card take rate by branch? If so, be sure to keep branch managers abreast of their performance and improve onboarding procedures, if necessary, including periodic, personalized outreach to members based on their debit card activity. Just as important, communicate the economic value the debit card brings to each account. Above all, if you do not routinely monitor your credit union’s debit card take rate, start now.Partner with an ExpertUsing member transactional data to improve credit union performance has never been more important. According to Gallup, organizations that leverage consumer behavioral insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin. If your credit union is unable to extract actionable account data, consider partnering with a third-party provider that specializes in aggregating and analyzing financial institution data, developing revenue- and service-enhancing strategies that capitalize on the findings, and providing training to ensure the strategies are implemented enterprise-wide. The next article in this series will focus on the importance of monitoring Reg. E opt-in percentage and ways to improve it.last_img read more

first_imgCUNA called on Senate leadership Monday to reject inclusion of any language in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2020 that would expand the Department of Defense’s (DoD) authority to exempt financial institutions from certain costs on military installations. The current Senate version contains such language, while CUNA, leagues and the Defense Credit Union Council successfully blocked language in the House NDAA that would have broadened the exemption.“As the only member-owned, not-for-profit, democratically controlled option in financial services, credit unions’ mission is to promote thrift and provide access to credit for members,” wrote CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle. “It is a mission they have fulfilled for more than 70 years and it’s a mission that remains unchanged today. Credit unions are focused on ensuring the financial readiness of our service members and their families.”The DoD has discretionary authority to waive the cost for land leases and other fees for credit unions who meet specific field of membership standards and secure an agreement with individual base commanders on a case by case basis. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

first_imgBusinessLifestyleNewsRegional Antigua Establishes ‘Travel Bubble’ for Caribbean Travellers by: – July 10, 2020 Tweet Sharing is caring! Share 156 Views   no discussions Share Share “The Cabinet gave the Minister the authority to inform PAHO that Antigua and Barbuda will wish to have sufficient to inoculate its population of approximately 100,000 souls. An exact date has not yet been fixed, but states must indicate their desire to be provided with the medicine in order for the PAHO to determine how many vials of the substance it ought to order. A revolving fund within PAHO will meet part of the cost of the supplies,” the statement said. The VC Bird International Airport in Antigua The Antigua and Barbuda government says it has established a “travel bubble” that will allow citizens from several identified states within the Caribbean Community (Caricom) to travel to the country without the necessity of having coronavirus (COVID-19) tests and certificates presented upon entry.A statement issued after the weekly Cabinet meeting on Thursday noted that citizens from the sub-regional Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Jamaica will be accorded the privilege of being included in this “bubble”.“Reciprocity is also deemed to be a requirement. The number of infected persons in these jurisdictions is deemed sufficiently low so as not to cause a threat, although the citizens of these Caricom countries, upon entry, will be made to undergo non-invasive temperature tests. Only two of the states have opened their borders since the COVID-19 epidemic.“All other persons of every citizenship who intend to travel to Antigua, after July 7, 2020, are required to undertake a COVID-19 test that is no more than seven days old prior to travel, and to have a certificate showing that they have tested negative,” the statement added.Information Minister Melford Nicholas said while the decision to establish the bubble had been taken at the Cabinet level, the Ministry of Health has been tasked with ironing out the details.“Even though the cabinet has made a determination at this high level we are still going to submit this policy for the consideration of the medical and health professionals such that they can determine the further protocols that would need to be applied to ensure that persons who are travelling to Antigua from these locations would not necessarily be subjected to all of the rigours, but the protocols are to be determined by the Ministry of Health,” he said.Meanwhile, the government has said that the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) has indicated to the Ministry of Health that a vaccine for COVID-19 “is not too far off, and will be made available to Antigua if it so desires. It said that there had also been “ a lengthy discussion” about the successes of the government in addressing the number of COVID-19 infections in Antigua and Barbuda, the rate of recovery of infected persons and the preparedness of the Ministry of Health to ready the facilities, the medical personnel, and the equipment required to successfully contain the spread of the disease.The statement said that the role of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) “in providing accurate testing was applauded by the Cabinet.“Although a total of 73 persons were tested positive for the coronavirus after March 11, 2020, the recovery of all but 13 patients and three early deaths demonstrates the readiness of the health facilities, the doctors and nurses who played significant roles in containing the spread,” the statement noted.It said that the population’s willingness to obey the protocols and the social distancing rules which were largely observed also ensured that there was no community spread.“Those who are still engaged in contact tracing, who found those men and women who had contact with infected persons, were also applauded for their work. There is to be no relaxation in the battle against this disease, the Cabinet asserted, encouraging the population to abide the rules.” (Jamaica Observer)last_img read more

first_imgI saw the best high school football game in years last week. So much so that a week later I’m still thinking about it.Argonia-Attica, two towns that combined their football programs due to low numbers with fruitful results, lost a 36-28 heart-breaker to Victoria in the waning seconds of the eight-man Div. II state championship game. Victoria running back Brady Dinkel, who runs fast, broke free on a 4th and inches with 16 seconds left and ran 55 yards for a touchdown.I have ran the play through my mind and saw the video numerous times this week. But even the video doesn’t tell the full story.  At that time, the underdog A&A Titans, had all the momentum having just scored two touchdowns to tie the game late at 28-all. Momentum was on their side. On fourth down, the Titans crowded the line of scrimmage and looked to stop Victoria and turn the ball over on downs.Unfortunately, Dinkel found a gaping hole provided by their senior-laden offensive line, got ahead of the single safety in the backfield and raced away for glory.In hind sight, few of us realized how irrelevant the first down was. I’m sure if you asked Luke Greenwood and Lance Vandeveer today, they would have set the defense in a nickel-type formation and allow Dinkel to get the first down and give up maybe 5, 10 or even 20 yards. Yes, A&A could have stopped Dinkel at the line of scrimmage, but it would have been getting the ball with 10 seconds to play with 35 yards to score.The Titans were making touchdowns in the fourth quarter but they weren’t doing so instantaneously. Their best option was to get Victoria to overtime and take their chances there.Argonia-Attica football team.Nevertheless, what a great season for A&A, a team that was so well coached, well prepared, and played the game with such enthusiasm, that I couldn’t get enough of them.This team proved with the right kind of leadership and available talent, how far a group can go in high school football. The Titans made Sumner County proud.———Moooooooooooo.4. Black Friday …I’m not about to bash Black Friday sales, since this is what living in a capitalist society is all about.But I read this comment on Facebook by Phil White of Wellington that made me laugh: “Perhaps I’m not attracted to Black Friday because when my dad still had cattle it was my job to feed them. Thus, I got to observe the exact same behavior daily and the novelty of the experience wore off some years ago.”———5. Shout out of the week…My shout out goes to that turkey that is still being digested in the pit of my stomach. Dang, is there a better holiday than Thanksgiving – which celebrates eating?By the way, Black Friday is always the busiest days of the year for plumbers.Follow us on Twitter. Commentary by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Five Cueball thoughts for Nov. 29, 2015…1. Perspective …Sumner County was inflicted with wet icy weather this week. And inevitably when that occurs Sumner Coujnty utility workers, whether they work for the city of Wellington or REC or wherever, are asked to take time away from their families and go bear the weather elements to fix fallen lines.Electricity is something we take so much for granted these days. There has been a lot written and spoken about the recent electric rate increase going into effect in January — so much so that I am putting a moratorium on the subject until something newsworthy comes down the pike on the subject.Yes, these utility rates are extremely high. Yes, there needs to be vigilance in the analysis on where are money is going. Yes, there is someone very powerful, who is making a lot more money than he/she should be at the expense of us consumers.But sometimes, it’s best to just sit back and say thanks for the service we receive. We have a lot of hard working people in the utility department and it is important they get their due.Thank you guys for keeping me warm over the holidays.This week, I went to Texas to visit relatives near Dallas, and I was thinking about the price of gasoline. It was $1.85 a gallon at the pump. Last year, it was $2.57. We all remember when the price was hovering around $4 a gallon. I figured on my 300 mile trip (600 roundtrip), averaging about 20 miles per gallon, I used 30 gallons of gas to and from my destination. I saved $60 in fuel compared to what I was paying two or three years ago when gas prices were sky high.Will it be enough to offset my utility rate increase in January? I doubt it. But I haven’t figured my total monthly travel, and the other expenses I incurred throughout the month.There are so many variables when you look at the cost of living, that it is mind boggling. The utility rate hike is frustrating. But I do not for one second believe this current Wellington City Council has been malicious and incompetent when it comes to this subject. I believe they were caught in a set of circumstances for which they had to react. You don’t spend two hours on a Monday night volunteering your time listening to a long and tedious speech from Kansas Power Pool gurus in hopes of a better tomorrow if you didn’t care (see story here).It’s all in the perspective. I, for one, am ready to move on and see if we can tackle the next increase heads on, whether it be utility, taxes, or fuel coming down the pike.———2. Joseph Randle…Joseph RandleSumner County has made national news again. We are host to what is deemed by many to be a punk pro athlete getting in trouble with the law and basically destroying his pro career. Good to know we can keep up with modern times.Former Dallas Cowboy running back Joseph Randle was allegedly caught at a Kansas Star Casino blackjack table in northern Sumner County acting badly. The incident turned into a scuffle and eventually got him arrested where he spent the night in one of our jail cells in Wellington, Kansas facing a myriad of charges from assault to battery to disorderly conduct.Randle isn’t the first athlete (or politician or musician etc.) inflicted with self destructive idiocy. But it seems to me that if you are only going to have a few years to make incredible amounts of money playing pro sports, perhaps poor behavior isn’t your best business decision.My pick for the dumbest pro athlete digression is getting a DUI. If you are a millionaire type athlete, couldn’t you just pay someone — like say a snot nosed teenager — $20 an hour to sit in a car and drive yourself around town while you partake on a night of revelry and excessive liquid refreshments?And then there is always the parking lot at a nightclub scenario where a pro athletes gets into some kind of altercation with some drunk lout and ends up in jail. Why don’t pro athletes just walk out of the club get into a limousine and go home. Then they can beat up whomever or the wall in the privacy of their home.Idiot of the year.Of course, then there is the truest of all idiot athletes, one who just one the Sportsman of the Year in “Idiot Illustrated.” That would be Cleveland Brown quarterback Johnny Manziel, who seems to have an incident once a week. Manziel has a collection of TMZ videos that might exceed his interception rate in the NFL – and that is quite an accomplishment.Still, there is one thing that supersedes all punkish behavior. If Randle and Manziel ever get their act together and play well in the NFL, all will be forgiven. Winning trumps everything.———3. A&A… Close Forgot password? Please put in your email: Send me my password! Close message Login This blog post All blog posts Subscribe to this blog post’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Subscribe to this blog’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Follow the discussion Comments (3) Logging you in… Close Login to IntenseDebate Or create an account Username or Email: Password: Forgot login? Cancel Login Close Username or Email: Password: Lost your password? Cancel Login Dashboard | Edit profile | Logout Logged in as Admin Options Disable comments for this page Save Settings Sort by: Date Rating Last Activity Loading comments… You are about to flag this comment as being inappropriate. Please explain why you are flagging this comment in the text box below and submit your report. The blog admin will be notified. Thank you for your input. +3 Vote up Vote down charlie · 245 weeks ago I don’t think you can call a pro athlete punk, idiot, and dumb, and be politically correct. The liberals will be coming to town and closing you down! Report Reply 1 reply · active 245 weeks ago +8 Vote up Vote down longtimeresident · 245 weeks ago In referring to Manziel as a punk, an idiot, and dumb and be politically correct…forget PC. Cueball’s speaking the absolute truth! Report Reply +10 Vote up Vote down Ted “Theodore” Logan · 245 weeks ago It’s all about entitlement. Since pee-wee, the better athletes have been handed everything and led to believe they are better than everyone else (usually by their parents, but often by the system). They have grown up with few consequences, and can’t understand when they are not given a break. Report Reply 0 replies · active 245 weeks ago Post a new comment Enter text right here! 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first_imgAtlético de Madrid’s triumph on Wednesday against Liverpool at Anfield returned the Atletico team to the Champions League quarterfinals three years later, once it did not reach such an instance of the maximum European competition from the 2016-17 academic year, when he was eliminated in the semifinals of the competition by Real Madrid at Vicente Calderón, on May 10, 2017.Until then, he had always reached at least the quarterfinals under the command of Argentine coach Diego Simeone. In 2013-14 and 2015-16 he reached the final, when he was defeated in the decisive duel by Real Madrid; in 2016-17 until the mentioned semifinals; and in 2014-15 up to the quarters. And since then he had not succeeded in either of the two previous campaigns. It did not do so in 2017-18, the first year of existence of the Wanda Metropolitano. Not even passed the group stageBecause he only won one of his six games (2-0 against Roma at the Madrid stadium). Of the rest he only lost one (1-2 with Chelsea), but tied four (0-0 and 1-1 with Qarabag, 0-0 with Roma and 1-1 with Chelsea); an unacceptable deficit to finish between the first two, especially when two of those tied were against the modest team of Azerbaijan, one of them before their audience. Then, months later, he won the Europa League.He also did not reach the quarters last year, in 2018-19. Second in his group, behind Borussia Dortmund, because he was unable to beat Bruges on the last date (0-0), the rojiblanco team multiplied the complexity of their round of 16 matchup when facing Juventus. Although he won 2-0 at the Metropolitano, in Turin he fell flat against Cristiano Ronaldo with a sonorous 3-0. One swipe.This Wednesday he broke that barrier again, with a 2-3 win in overtime at Anfield against Liverpool, as he has already done on four of the six previous occasions of the Diego Simeone era. With the Argentine coach, who took office in late 2011, Atlético did not miss that appointment in his first four appearances under the command of ‘Cholo’. Neither in 2013-14 nor in 2015-16, when he reached the final and was runner-up, nor in 2016-17, when he reached the semifinals, nor in 2014-15, when he was eliminated in the quarters. Real Madrid beat him in all four.Atlético has played the quarterfinals of the European Cup or the Champions League nine times – ten with which it will play this season – throughout its fifteen participations in the tournament, including the current one, in its history.Of these, in six he advanced to at least the semifinals. In three he even went further, to the final, in 1973-74, 2013-14 and 2015-16. He was runner-up in all three, in the first in the tiebreaker game against Bayern Munich and in the following two in overtime and penalties, respectively, against Real Madrid. And in three others, he passed fourths and stayed in the penultimate round: in 2016-17 and 1958-59, against Real Madrid, and in 1970-71 against Ajax.Instead, in the remaining three he was eliminated in the quarterfinals: in 2014-15, by Real Madrid; in 1996-97, by Ajax, and in 1977-78, by Bruges.– Atlético’s record in the European Cup:2019-20:?2018-19: Round of 16. Eliminated by Juventus.2017-18: Group stage. Third of his quartet.2016-17: Semifinals. Eliminated by Real Madrid.2015-16: Runner-up. Eliminated by Real Madrid.2014-15: Quarterfinals. Eliminated by Real Madrid.2013-14: Runner-up. Eliminated by Real Madrid.2009-10: Group stage. Third of his quartet.2008-09: Round of 16. Eliminated by Porto.1996-97: Quarterfinals. Eliminated by Ajax.1977-78: Quarterfinals. Eliminated by the Witches.1973-74: Runner-up. Eliminated by Bayern Munich.1970-71: Semifinals. Eliminated by Ajax.1966-67: Round of 16. Eliminated by the Vojvodina.1958-59: Semifinals. Eliminated by Real Madrid.last_img read more